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20 jan

Facebook’s Graph Shared Search Explained

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Facebook has released what could be considered the Search of Social Networks, now allowing you to search your entire network, based on human english. Facebook knows your relationships, your interests, where you have been, where you work, and a lot … Continue reading

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19 jan

Learning Linux Basics: Echo and Braces

**, DIY, Home Projects, howto, Linux, News

Shannon has been digging into Linux and it is perfect for anyone else who is trying to get more familiarized with Linux themselves. These days, command lines often turn people off, raise questions, confuse, and simply are difficult to learn … Continue reading

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17 jan

Lose Weight, Stay Healthy with Electronics, Technology, and Gadgets

***, Android, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, iPhone, Mobility

Are you looking for that new piece of technology to help you lose weight? Weight loss is one of the biggest markets where people will simply spend money, in the hopes that the money they spend, automatically takes care of … Continue reading

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16 jan

The Paper Computer Is Closer Than You Think!

**, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Media, News

At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung was the one that was showing off their Super AMOLED screens, which were paper thin, full color, and very nice. These are integrated into phones these days and are literally steps away … Continue reading

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15 jan

[Control] + [Shift] + [Delete] Clear All Browsing History

**, Chrome, DIY, Firefox, History, Internet, Internet Explorer, Windows

I honestly cannot tell you the number of times that I have had to clear all of my browsing history while developing websites and dealing with logins. Sessions, Cache, Cookies, Temporary Files, and History all play a part in how … Continue reading

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14 jan

Dept of Homeland Security says to Remove Java

*, Hacking, Internet, Java, News

The Department of Homeland Security says to remove Java from all of your computers. All of the contracts that I have are sending out business warnings to remove Java from your machines. The once, language that was supposed to serve … Continue reading

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12 jan

Unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable

***, DIY, Internet, Linux

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are common open source CMS systems that run typically in LAMP environments. They rely on file and folder permissions to allow users to upload graphics and content to your CMS without having knowledge of FTP or … Continue reading

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11 jan

Solid State Drives are Getting Huge! 960 GB for $600

*, Companies, Electronics, Hardware, Mobility, News

The next generation of Solid State Drives are out and they are getting very tiny, with a whole lot of space on them. Guess what, if you shake them, they will be just fine, making these SSD’s perfect for laptops … Continue reading

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10 jan

Android and iPhone Conference Calling via Waits/Pauses

**, Android, Apple, DIY, Google, howto, iPhone

A particular function and feature of a phone, although not that well known, is the ability to pause and wait, automatically, to enter new phone digits into a phone call. For instance, if you are attempting to call into a … Continue reading

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9 jan

Re: Sound Bottle – Record Your World Musically

*, Electronics, Hardware, Media, Robotics

Electronic music is becoming more and more popular. It’s put into pop songs, rap / hip-hop, rock, and even country style’s. You can create very unique sounds and combinations with the right amount of work. And a lot of those … Continue reading

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