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28 feb

Breaking News!! Remove Core Filling of Important Cover

*, Companies, DIY, Entertainment, Hardware, Programming, Robotics

This is absolutely ridiculous, which is why it is here. It looks like it’s completely Nabisco sponsored as well, which further proves the reality that is YouTube and Internet marketing truly is. Love it!

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27 feb

3 Types of Software Engineers, Architects, and Developers

***, 3D Graphics, Architecture, Design, DIY, Hacking, Internet, Programming

I typically have 3 types of audiences reading my blog: the Curious Conformist, the Evangelist, and the Ultra-Nerd programmer / hacker / DIY’er. Here are the three characters I believe read: Ultra-Nerd Programmer / Hacker / DIY’er: Raised an untrained, … Continue reading

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26 feb

Air Traffic Around the World: In Motion

*, Electronics, Space

There are a lot of people in the world. And there are a lot of people who need to travel around the world as well. Add all that up and put that on a map to view in a motion … Continue reading

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25 feb

CEO Friday: Why Not to Hire C# Developers

.NET MVC, ***, C++, ColdFusion, Entertainment, Java, Linux, Microsoft, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby, Windows

Hold on just a second. These are not my words. Exactly two years ago, this post came out, explaining why over at Expensify, they do not hire C# Programmers. Not because they were not talented, not because they are Microsoft … Continue reading

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24 feb

Create a VPN Using Your Home Network

**, Cloud Computing, DIY, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Internet

Proxies are common ways to encrypt your traffic and make it more difficult for others to find out what you are doing online. There are many services online where you can use proxies, for a cost, to mask your traffic … Continue reading

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21 feb

Iceland, Nikola Tesla and Creating Efficient Energy

*, Electronics, History, Media, Space

Energy is an amazing thing that day to day, people and societies rely on. Watch this video for a second.

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20 feb – Google vs. Bing, brought by Bing

**, Browsers, Chrome, Google, Internet, Internet Explorer, Microsoft

Microsoft has went on several $100M campaigns, in an effort to spread the word and bite at Google’s search market. They have lost, supposedly $5.5B on Bing alone, attempting to perfect their search and promote it to the popular. But, … Continue reading

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18 feb

Ubuntu Tablet to be Announced After Several Tab Hacks

**, Android, Car Computing, Companies, Electronics, Hardware, iPad, Linux, Mobility, News, Windows (Mobile)

It seems like the mobile strategy for Ubuntu is well on its way, well earlier than previously thought, the Ubuntu Tablet is rumored to peek it’s head in the next coming weeks, a lot of people saying as early as … Continue reading

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17 feb

MongoDB and WordPress, PHP, SDLC, and Others

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Databases, Internet, Linux, PHP

With all the cloud software out there,, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and others, it feels like the days of RSYNC and ROBOCOPY may be coming up against some stiff competition. RSYNC is the premiere way to transfer files to … Continue reading

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16 feb

Take a Tour of a 6 Screen / Monitor Setup

*, 3D Graphics, Apple, Browsers, Electronics, Hardware, Mac, Media, Mobility

Four years ago, 8 GB of RAM was a lot. Today, people are looking to 32 GB RAM systems, and as screens get cheaper and real-estate grows, the need for RAM grows with it. Whether it be 3x 46inch screens, … Continue reading

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