DIY: Snackadium for Super Bowl Parties: Ravens vs 49ers

Okay, okay, let’s all put the computers down today and watch some Football today! Get your snacks ready to go, get your large screen TV’s. Get your reservations done (hopefully already done by now). Be sure to hydrate the night before for the beer and very unhealthy food. Get your Purple and Gold on or your Red and Gold, your friends and family, and let’s not think about computers, technology, or work.

The Super Bowl is the most watched television event in the United States, occupying at least a 3rd of the population. Super Bowl commercials cost upwards of $4,000,000 for a single 30 second spot. The viewers have grown to well over 100M. And this will be the second year that the Super Bowl will be distributed Online to people outside of the United States, for the world to enjoy.

Take a look at the growth year over year. And when that shocks you well enough…

Bowl Year Net 30s Commercial Viewers NFC Team AFC Team
XLIVII 2013 CBS $4,000,000 108,400,000 San Francisco Baltimore
XLIVI 2012 NBC $3,500,000 111,300,000 New York Giants New England
XLV 2011 FOX $3,000,000 111,000,000 Green Bay Pittsburgh
XLIV 2010 CBS $2,800,000 106,500,000 New Orleans Indianapolis
XLIII 2009 NBC $3,000,000 98,732,000 Arizona Pittsburgh
XLII 2008 FOX $2,699,963 97,448,000 New York Giants New England
XLI 2007 CBS $2,385,365 93,184,000 Chicago Indianapolis
XL 2006 ABC $2,500,000 90,745,000 Seattle Pittsburgh


Now take a look at the ultimate Snackadium that you should get prepared for your Super Bowl party. All of these marvelous wonders that we, as man, can create. Oh Super Bowl day’s are amazing.

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