GizmoSlip – Amateur Microsoft Surface Boarder

Seriously the title says it exactly the way it is. This video below is of a skateboarder who is skating on a state-of-the-art Microsoft Surface tablet. How? Literally with 8 holes drilled into two wheel sprockets, 4 a piece. Why? Because destruction and inventing new ways to destroy expensive and useful hardware is somehow the purpose of GizmoSlip; because it hurts so badly to see someone try and even attempt something like this; but mainly, the purpose is to completely test durability to aid in providing you realistic examples of how strong devices actually are.

I can take a couple of steps back and explain to you how immature this may look. But many people forget that these devices are small. They are easy to drop, step on, spill on, or quite possibly, mistake as a skateboard. Really, these drop tests due truly show the quality and durability of these new mobile devices. And the Microsoft Surface appears to do fantastic, resulting in an extremely durable frame.

Would you ever do this, no. This is why Youtube and GizmoSlip offer it to us. I hope you find some entertainment value. If there is anything to take away, those Microsoft Surface’s are tough.

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