MongoDB and WordPress, PHP, SDLC, and Others

With all the cloud software out there,, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and others, it feels like the days of RSYNC and ROBOCOPY may be coming up against some stiff competition. RSYNC is the premiere way to transfer files to and from multiple computers on Linux, while ROBOCOPY is the Windows counterpart. But with the cloud reaching the end user space, it seems that many people have forgotten that the cloud has existed far longer than a lot of the new age has been alive. Replication has existed almost since the inceptions of computing power.

But with the new “cloud” coming in and about, easier than ever to setup Dropbox instances with alias’ around several computers, we may start to see the justification of flatter database systems as well. Database’s that are portable and can scale to large sizes. MongoDB could be the one that pilots the transfer. Moving open source products from MySQL, who was eaten up by Oracle, to portable and strategic database systems like Mongo seem like the best way to go to combat enterprise pressure.

Think about a Dropbox solution where your WordPress, Drupal, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Django instances can be synced to and from multiple machines, and even servers. What a way to be productive; what a way to promote source code through the software development life cycle. Just a dream now? I am certain with a single night, I could implement such a system.

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