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15 feb

Technology Innovations that are Driving the Future

*, Car Computing, Electronics, Hardware, Mobility, News

There are many things that cars come with today, standard. ABS, stability, power wheel / brakes, and much more. Many cars offer automatic parallel parking, traction control, automatic braking, snow driving mode, power driving mode, and all sorts of things. … Continue reading

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14 feb

Setup 3 Node Cluster with CouchDB using nginx LB

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Databases, DIY, Electronics, howto, Internet, Linux, News, Windows

Oh, I love some of these cluster setups. One of the reasons I love these setups is because they are so extremely easy to create, at literally zero dollars to the client, if you hire the right person. Basically, to … Continue reading

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13 feb

Hidden Bed’s that Swap into Desk Space

*, Hardware, Home Projects

It is not because it is late, but there are some neat things that you can do to maximize the space you have. For example, if you are deciding whether a particular room should be for guests or as a … Continue reading

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12 feb

Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Cheat Sheet

***, Design, Media, Photoshop

Do you use Photoshop? Just now revamped, I have been noticing some differences in the key controls between CS5 and CS6, therefore I went ahead and created a brand new Photoshop CS6 Cheat Sheet. Click on the graphic for the … Continue reading

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11 feb Add On Items via Amazon Prime

***,, Companies, Electronics, Internet, News

As the economy has moved to internet purchasing, there is one name that has taken the name as the premiere online eCommerce space. has by far, dominated the internet space, toppling big box stores such as Best Buy, Borders, … Continue reading

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10 feb

Romo Smartphone Robot, Using your iPhone

**, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPad, iPhone, Robotics

The Romo Smartphone Robot begins to shed light into some of the future technologies that may come out over the next couple of years. First… what a great idea. Take an existing mobile phone that is used by a significant … Continue reading

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9 feb

Why Do Apple Laptops Cost So Much!?

***, Apple, ASUS, Chrome, Design, Electronics, Hardware, Mac, Media, Microsoft, Mobility

Boy ol’ Boy, Apple laptops cost a lot of money. Granted, I am regularly spending on all sorts of technology, that I may or may not actually “need”. But when I see the prices on Apple’s products, it can be … Continue reading

8 feb

Persistence of Vision Displays via Spinning Rays

*, 3D Graphics, Design, Electronics, Hardware

Persistence of vision is the art of a resulting image through motion, often times timed by lights and flashes. With the right measure of speed and timing of light, nearly any images can be made.

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7 feb

LED Earrings for the Ladies in the World

*, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware

If you have ever gotten gifts for girls, it’s sometimes nice to have some new fresh ideas from time to time. I found an interesting one that involves LED’s with battery backings. These come in many colors and can be … Continue reading

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6 feb

GizmoSlip – Amateur Microsoft Surface Boarder

***, Electronics, Hardware, Microsoft, Windows, Windows (Mobile)

Seriously the title says it exactly the way it is. This video below is of a skateboarder who is skating on a state-of-the-art Microsoft Surface tablet. How? Literally with 8 holes drilled into two wheel sprockets, 4 a piece. Why? … Continue reading

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