How Linux Developers Windows Hackers Switch to Mac

There has been a talk the past month about the rise of Mac and fall of Windows. It isn’t like Microsoft and Windows has been completely wiped off the map, but it is true that at any tech related conference you attend, you can stare across the room and see nothing but glowing Apple’s. I have talked about this on countless occasions, but there are many much more reputable authors that may say it a lot better than I do. Take a look at the most recent talks by the owners of the blogging space.

Article Date Author
Open and Shut – Daring Fireball March 2013 John Gruber
How I ended up with Mac Mar 2013 Miguel de Icaza
Why Windows Lost to Mac March 2013 Dave Winer
Why Do Apple Laptops Cost So Much!? Feb 2013 Phil Harmon

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