Samsung Payout for Patent Infringement on Apple Cut by $450M!

Yes, yes… in most people’s minds, Apple beat Samsung and got $1B out of it. What people forgot is that the case was never closed and it still demanded a judge’s ruling on the trial by peers. The results, $450M cut from the $1.05B declared payouts with the addition of a new trial for 14 of the patents that were deemed not ruled appropriately.

Here is the entire timeline of the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit issue: – Apple vs Samsung

In the meantime, while all of this had begun, let’s compare their stocks. Since 6 months ago, when the verdict came out and the trials had finally been mostly put to rest, we see Samsung (blue) at around +12.65% in a tough Q4 and positive Q1, while Apple (red) is lost 36.7% of it’s value.

You tell me what’s brewing. It seems that there are some even larger systemic issues over at the Cupertino house, losing Steve Jobs could potentially be the biggest one. But was this patent fight a method of clinging / grasping onto straws of dominating, dare I say, potentially monopolizing a market? It appears the walls have been torn and the moat has been drawn.

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