Intel’s Pentium Chip Turns 20

If you did not realize, Intel’s Pentium chip has now turned 20 years old. What may seem so young, has gray hairs stemming from it’s core as the oldest chip around. It’s innovative strategy to hit third party PC’s and to widely spread PC growth, the Pentium chip has become not only profitable, but extremely popular. The Pentium chip was introduced March 22nd, 1993. Like the Intel 486 chips, Pentium’s were also 32-bit, which supported as much as 4 GB of ram, where they then had renditions of 36-bit buses that supported 64 GB or RAM and then the evolution of 64-bit, which theoretically support 16 exabytes (although most are only written in 48-bit address lines, which limit to 256 terabytes).

So Happy birthday to Pentium, to Intel, and to computer fans around the world. Today, the successors of Pentium, the i3, i5, i7, and Xeon’s now rule the world, but Pentium revolutionized it in the internet age.

v3 – Intel’s Pentium Launched 20 Years Ago Today

Haha, and for the fun of it, here’s an old Apple G4 Ad, who are now using Intel chips:

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