Facebook Innovates Monetization via Gifts

I gave my first Facebook gift today. My brother’s fiancĂ© had a birthday today and Facebook asked me if I would like to send a gift, actually a Starbucks eGift. The wonders of Facebook and the apparent value seen by many, is the ability to know and learn about people, market them specifically, and make ad’s precise. Facebook gift’s came out last year in September 2012, and the numbers have just started rolling in. TechCrunch has reported Facebook is only making about $1M in revenue off these new gifts.

There have been estimates that Facebook Gift’s could be a billion dollar business. Well, it is far from that right now. But do you remember when in the 90’s people were contemplating if internet users would use a Credit Card online? This could be our next evolution in online spending; spending via Social Networks. I would be happy to give Facebook some time to figure this out. They really do not have much competition out there. They will find a way to make some serious money, they just got some of mine.

My next question would be, how many Starbucks gift certificates is she going to receive? Or maybe Facebook knows well enough to switch it up enough? Or maybe Facebook know’s her so well that she will get a stock pile of Starbucks? lol, Happy Birthday

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