I am a Loyal Amazon.com Customer – Thank You

Wow, Thank You Amazon.com. You have shocked and surprised me once again! Another reason I shop Amazon Prime exclusively. I bought a dual clip paper holder for my office setup that would be flexible and that I could move around for around $8. No shipping costs, it arrived in one business day (awesome, thank you). But, I had an issue with it. One of the two clips were missing, so I ordered another one, planning on returning the original. When I went to return the item (where they take care of a free UPS label for you, thank you again), I began the very easy process and I got this notice.

I guess we have some smart individuals working at Amazon.com, go figure. The cost of shipping back is going to completely outweigh the price of the item, so they just said, keep it. We will issue the refund. Do not ship it back. Ha! Fantastic, I save a trip to the UPS store.

I am sure that they keep tabs on how often you do this, or maybe they saw that I had ordered two of them? This company is amazing. Thanks Amazon.com!

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