The Windows 8 Media PC with a New SSD

If you have been following this week, you have heard about my tragic Western Digital Drive failing. Lol, I am just kidding, these things happen all the time, and my Media PC got a good and solid 3 years out of it for very little money. I decided that the next logical step for this machine, was to improve boot time, and with a Hard Disk failure, it was extremely easy to switch up to a Solid State Drive. This will be my first SSD in a desktop, so for $4 more, I added an SSD 2.5 to 3.5 inch cooling fan as well. And without having the opportunity to do a clean Windows 8 install, I found my first one.

The SSD install was simple, it was recognized by Windows 8 immediately, fit perfectly, and I think the entire install process took less than an hour, Hardware and OS. The system isn’t anything crazy. It’s an i5 at 2 Ghz, with 2 GB of RAM. The SSD is an Intel 335 Series 2.5-Inch 240GB SATA3. It has an onboard HDMI out (key), and I connect a Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard N5901 to control it.

It is simple, I do not deal with XBMC, Xbox Media Libraries, AppleTV’s, or anything that puts a middle man between me and an operating system. And after using Windows 8 for about 15 minutes on my television screen, it actually makes a bit of sense. It doesn’t make so much sense on a desktop, but in essence, they replace the Start Menu with an interactive tiled menu. That is basically the entire change. For the MediaPC on my 60inch TV, I get my browser, my Netflix, my network drives, and it even has a Store similar to Google’s Play and Apple’s App Store. Way to copy! But, it works… it is very helpful. I wonder if a touch track pad would make anything easier for this system.

Anyways, it looks sleek, beats a Windows 7 media PC. I can sit back on my coach and stream away. Take a look at some of the pictures for the install.

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