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30 apr

Micro-Touch Trackpad’s like Apple for Windows

***, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, Mac, Windows

In the world of peripherals, innovation and new can be expensive, tough sales, and resisted against. It’s something that Apple has done quite well with. One of the best and prime examples of a success, has been Apple’s trackpad. It’s … Continue reading

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29 apr

Earth’s Core Is Hotter Than Originally Thought

*, Entertainment, History, News, Space

Always like these science related videos.

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25 apr

Microsoft Announces New Xbox Debut

*, 3D Graphics, Electronics, Entertainment, Games, Hardware, Microsoft, News

This is the year of the new console gaming systems. The systems that are specifically made for 3D gaming graphics, played at high speeds, optimized to run quick and fast for everybody. The seventh generation of gaming consoles included the … Continue reading

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24 apr

Perfect 16GB, i7 Ultrabook Laptop: Samsung Series 9

***, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, Samsung, Windows

On April 15th, I posted about what I had thought to be the perfect laptop. I was looking at 32GB ThinkPad’s, which were going for around $2,000 – $2,500. But as I looked over at my Macbook Air, it did … Continue reading

23 apr

Microsoft Windows 8 Returning with the Start Button

**, Microsoft, News, Office, Windows

I have been doing my fair share of Windows 8 experimentations, mostly with my Media Center. For the media center, it has worked well. I have found my way around the hidden programs menus and being able to make control … Continue reading

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22 apr

It’s that Time of Year Again, Grilling Technology

*, Hardware

Blame me for just spending 3 hours cooking. I love it. And I am looking forward to this years grilling. And because of that, I thought that we should share some grilling technology.

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20 apr

Your Hak5 Update: Ubuntu Mobile, Portable Linux

*, Android, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, Linux, News

You guys know that this is one of my favorite internet TV shows. Darren is back in the studio. The guys talked about some of their adventures and how people are recognizing them in public. The show is gaining in … Continue reading

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19 apr

Crossover Cables and Direct Connections

**, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware

I am not sure that many people think about how to hook up two computers together directly. Back in the day, this was very popular because it was rare that people had internal Switches and Routers to handle their internal … Continue reading

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18 apr

mSATA SSD’s – Hard Drives for Today’s World

***, Electronics, Hardware, History, Mobility, News

Now that the new Samsung Series 9 laptop has been packaged and put in the mail via Ground shipping across the United States, all of you get to hear me talk about all of the pieces inside of it that … Continue reading

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17 apr

What are DNS Servers and How do they Work?

***, Cloud Computing, DIY, Home Projects, howto, Internet, Linux, Windows

DNS stands for Domain Name Service. And a DNS Server is a web server that communicates and tells people / computers where written out host names and domain names exist on the Internet. It does this by translating a domain … Continue reading

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