Apple Rumored to Launch iRing, iTV This Year

What will be the next product from Apple that revolutionizes a market? A huge reason Apple was so successful in the first place was because Steve Jobs evolved a technology from birth. It started small and manageable, the iPod, and grew into a phone, and then to a tablet. It was smart and it took time. The next logical progression in this mix would be a TV, but the Apple TV isn’t necessarily flying off the shelves. In addition, we have seen various iterations of the Apple TV in an effort to re-invent itself.

But it seems we have a new variant, and it involves actually buying a new TV, the iTV. Does this fall in line with growing the product line though? And what about the TV I already bought 5 years ago? Phone’s drop, break, evolve, and get replaced easily. MP3 players are in the same category. But today we do not buy new computers every year (unless, well, maybe a lot of Our readers do), the average human being does not buy a new computer every year, better said. The average person doesn’t buy a new TV every year either.

And really, what are the benefits from getting an iTV over an Apple TV? All that I can think of is the additional margins for Apple, other than that, TV’s are simply displays, and in my opinion, should remain just that.

All that said, here we go again as Apple will systematically take stabs in the market place, rather than building and evolving into a product, such as the iPod transformation into the iPhone which then evolved into the iPad. Maybe the potential of evolving product lines simply doesn’t exist in the market anymore. Steve Jobs just happen to be the one to see it and execute on it.

AAPL is trading down nearly 40% from where it was in September of 2012. Maybe some other people have the same thoughts.

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