Computer, Tablet, and Phone Depreciation are Terrible

I am selling 4 laptops on eBay right now. Really, 4 freaking laptops. I counted the number that are in my possession right now and I have 8, laptops alone. I have 3 PC’s also. This max exodus should bring my total to 6 machines. It’s kind of crazy to think about. But here they are: 1 Media PC, 1 Master Desktop PC, 1 Mac for desktops, then 1 Monster 17inch Laptop, 1 13inch Macbook Air, 1 strictly for VPN work access, and 1 Linux experimental box. If you consider my NOS, that would be 8 machines (previously 12). Count up the total Hard Disk space even after the sales, I am well over 15 TB in my home.

All that said, the only reason I am selling these machines is to literally save space, physical space, not memory, like “feet” that boxes and these machines take up. My issue though, is that the amount of value that I could get out of using the machines extremely out weighs the value that I get from selling them on eBay. But the fact is that I don’t use them all. The depreciation is absolutely disgusting, comparable to a car. For example, the ASUS Transformer tablet with keyboard that I bought for $600, I am looking to only get $200 back from in less than 2 years. The ASUS laptops that I purchased for $350, I will be selling for around $100 after about 3-4 years. My Dell Latitude that I purchased 5 years ago for $1000, will most likely bring me in about $50.

It is absolutely ridiculous. I am not terribly upset, but the decision to sell these laptops for such little money really makes me think about the depreciation. Computers do not last forever. And if your needs consistently grow past the current machines performance, you are in for a world of depreciating madness.

That said, it’s nice to get a little something. Keeping the original packaging and recovery disks goes a long way to maintaining value. But it also takes up more room. So, what is the value of something that you do not ever use? One mans trash is another’s treasure. And that’s why I say, thank you eBay!

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