The Fight for Streaming Media Accelerates

I have posted a couple times that somehow, I have ran into 3 different media streaming providers. 1, I signed up for and pay for Netflix. 2, my cable provider began allowing streaming content and tv services over the internet to become more competitive. And 3, my Amazon Prime membership has now begun a whole new streaming service.

My intentions were only set at Netflix, who decided to go all digital and all broadband streaming just a couple of years ago. What I did not anticipate was for Amazon and my cable provider to also enter the space.

So, why am I writing this?

Because I actually spent money on Amazon streaming content last night. $2.99 for a single streaming television show that I could not find on Hulu, Comcast, Verizon, or Netflix. I watched three shows actually. The reason I got these was simple, I wanted to watch them immediately. There are thousands of alternative ways to watch these same videos, but the question of “immediate” always comes to question. That said, I no longer “need” to watch these shows right away.

So the battle continues. Through last night’s experiment, I believe that Amazon is making significant progress in their ability to market streaming video to make a profit from. They are not only set up strategically, but have executed in the proper way.

The down side of Netflix is that the size of market potential easily combined forces to combat. Pure example: Hulu. Amazon took their online market place business and grew Amazon Web Services because they learned how to scale web site services. They used that backing to grow into a product such as Video streaming services. Read my post from last night, Apple evolved their products to build their company and so is Amazon.

Contrary to Apple, Amazon has 14,869% growth since May 23rd, 1997. – or – 32.43% growth since April 9th, 2012. Compared to Apple’s 33.22% decline since April 9th, 2012. Apple has an overall growth of 11,675% since December 19th, 1980.

You tell me what’s going on. I just spent $9 last night at Amazon, plus $80 for my Prime membership, in addition to purchasing probably 15+ items from Amazon this year already. My last purchase at Apple, was Jan of 2012 for a Macbook Air for $1100. My future plans with Apple purchases are not in sight. But Amazon, seems to be growing.

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