Microsoft Windows 8 Returning with the Start Button

I have been doing my fair share of Windows 8 experimentations, mostly with my Media Center. For the media center, it has worked well. I have found my way around the hidden programs menus and being able to make control panel changes, just like in the old Windows. I’ve figured out that the new “Start Menu” is basically the tile screen, which, in all honesty, is not all that inhibiting. You do lose the multi-tasking feel from it, but you have the option to return to the desktop for any multi-tasking needs.

When on that desktop view, the start button has been removed. Instead, you have to move the mouse all the way to the lower left corner to find the windows 8 tile button. Or you just have to click the Windows key on your keyboard. Well, after some feedback, it seems that the “Start Menu” is coming back in Windows 8.1, or would you call this a Service Pack? Or is this something new and innovative… ugh… Windows hasn’t changed!

You just paid $300 more for a tile interface. And now you get your “Start Menu” back. Personally, I am waiting for Windows 9 to convert everything over.

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