Micro-Touch Trackpad’s like Apple for Windows

In the world of peripherals, innovation and new can be expensive, tough sales, and resisted against. It’s something that Apple has done quite well with. One of the best and prime examples of a success, has been Apple’s trackpad. It’s often discussed that Apple has the best trackpad out there, allowing micro-scrolling and high sensitivity reads of motion. Why has it taken so long for PC manufacturers to come up with a trackpad that can offer similar functionality on Windows machines? You know why? Because everyone that uses Windows refuses to own a Mac. There is no cross-breading.

For the first time, I have finally seen something that can compete. Another reason I made the Samsung Series 9 purchase. The trackpad is truly Micro-touch sensitive, allowing scrolling with two fingers, very similar to Apple. Also allowing two touch right click. Three finger and four finger scrolls can activate whatever you wish. If you are looking for the two touch scroll, double touch right click menu, you get that functionality from the Samsung Series 9.

The points missed: There has yet to be an inverted scroll option. Three finger resize is not available. Multiple desktop with a four finger swipe is not available.

All that said, I actually turned off the inverted scroll on my Mac Mini and Macbook Air so that my two finger scroll works exactly the same across all of my machines. Now if Samsung could just continue to improve on the software for this trackpad, it would make a lot of Mac fans who must work on Windows, very happy.

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