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16 apr

“Imagine if a laptop ate the Macbook Air for Lunch” – Samsung Series 9

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My favorite line I have heard all day, “Imagine if a laptop ate the Macbook Air for Lunch”. I have sized down. But I owe it to Apple to teach me the way of what a computer should be. After … Continue reading

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15 apr

The Perfect Laptop – Ultrabook with 16GB and an i7

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Ultrabook – A higher-end type of subnotebook, defined by Intel, designed to reduce size and bulk without compromising performance and battery life. Should maintain a 7 second resume from hibernation, have a minimum battery life of 5 hours, contain SSD … Continue reading

15 apr

PHP Beautifier Code Available on GitHub

**, DIY, PHP

Many of you guys have asked for this. And because I cannot and haven’t been able to get to improving the code myself, I have put the PHP Array Beautifier code out on GitHub. Please fork and check back in. … Continue reading

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13 apr

Solar Flares in 2013 – This was the Most Powerful


I missed seeing this one. But I heard our Northern Virginia area was one of the best places to see them. Check it out.

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12 apr

US Reduces Space Research, Russia Increases

***, Government, News, Space

As the United States has begun to reduce and continues to dismantle their space program in an aim to save money, it looks like Russia is increasing their research and investing even more money into their space program. But the … Continue reading

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11 apr

An Even More Efficient Light Created by Philips

***, Companies, Electronics, News

Do you remember the day that people had theories of developing products that would break on purpose, so that you would continually have to buy a new one? That was a huge theory with incandescent light bulbs. Every three months … Continue reading

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10 apr

Google Fiber Rumored to Hit Austin Next

*, Clusters, Electronics, Google, Internet, News

From Kansas City to Austin.

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8 apr

Solar Powered and Remote Controlled Lawn Mowers

*, DIY, Hardware, Robotics, Solar

Yeah, I don’t have land yet, but I will eventually. When I do, I hardly see myself as the “mowing the grass” type of guy. I think I will see myself as the guy in the garage, hooking up a … Continue reading

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7 apr

The Fight for Streaming Media Accelerates

***,, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Media

I have posted a couple times that somehow, I have ran into 3 different media streaming providers. 1, I signed up for and pay for Netflix. 2, my cable provider began allowing streaming content and tv services over the internet … Continue reading

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6 apr

Computer, Tablet, and Phone Depreciation are Terrible

***, Android, Apple, eBay, Electronics, Hardware, Linux, Mac, Windows

I am selling 4 laptops on eBay right now. Really, 4 freaking laptops. I counted the number that are in my possession right now and I have 8, laptops alone. I have 3 PC’s also. This max exodus should bring … Continue reading

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