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31 may

Bridge Your Wireless Connection via Ad-Hoc

**, Apple, Browsers, DIY, Internet, Mac, Mobility, Samsung, Windows

We ran into a hotel today that did not offer wireless internet. And with these Ultrabooks I carry around, they each don’t have the Ethernet plug readily available (Samsung Series 9 and Macbook Air). Fortunately, I had the adapter for … Continue reading

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30 may

I am Officially Recommending Zero Lemon

***, Car Computing, Electronics, Mobility

Okay, I am officially recommending this product created by Zero Lemon. This one has made me extremely happy on my recent travels where frankly, it’s hard to find a power source outside the hotel room. These days, our phones are … Continue reading

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29 may

IT Demand Incredibly High – Not just the USA

***, Architecture, Companies, Databases, Internet, Microsoft, Office, Programming, Rants

I got the chance to check out the Microsoft and Oracle buildings in Romania, check out the scenes, and take some pictures (below). I also got a chance to talk to an IT professional here over a 3 hour game … Continue reading

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28 may

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S4 – Should You Upgrade?

***, Android, Electronics, Hardware, Linux, Samsung

While in Romania, there were vast number of Samsung stores, more so than Apple “Authorized Retailer’s”. The Ad’s were plentiful and they all consisted of the Samsung Galaxy S4. So, I decided to stop by and compare my S3 to … Continue reading

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27 may

3G, 4G Coverage in Europe, Eastern Europe

***, Android, Apple, AT&T, Companies, Electronics, Government, Internet, iPhone, News, Samsung, Verizon

The internet has grown quickly and vastly around the entire globe. With all of the evolving technology, it continues to expand anywhere where profit can be realized and utilization can be tapped. It was just two years ago that 4G … Continue reading

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26 may

230V vs 110V, What About 208V and 240V and Sockets

*, DIY, Electronics, howto

When traveling abroad, you have to think about all the different things, mostly the voltages that your electronics can handle and how to plug them into the wall. You may need step-up’s or step-down’s depending on the country you are … Continue reading

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23 may

12 Hours Travel – What to do?

*, Electronics, Entertainment, News

I’m getting ready for my 12 hours of travel to eastern Europe for some enjoyable time off. And with the long connecting flight mixed up with the +7 hours time zone change, you’ve got to think about how to occupy … Continue reading

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23 may

Google Glass Unveils Disgruntled Congress


What an ugly title, so is this ridiculous debate in Congress. Stay out, please…

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21 may

Write Your Own Modal Window Script

**, Browsers, DIY, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript

ModalWindow’s are pretty popular things these days. And they aren’t very difficult to do. In-fact, I would have to say that they are easier to do by hand, then to do by JavaScript inclusion. That could depend on how complex … Continue reading

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20 may

Cybernetics with Wrist Watches and Ear Pieces

***, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Hardware, Mobility, News

It was bound to happen. It was projected in movies. It has been thought of in new business ventures. And the technology is getting very close to even more experimental use of Cybernetics. We haven’t quite tapped into the biological … Continue reading

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