Domain Names and Outrageous Prices for Them!

It was quite a long time ago that I reserved my very first domain name. I was young, an internet gamer, on IRC, and in the know. The very first domain I purchased was what housed my self-programmed competition network written by hand in Perl., now listed at a price of $1400 for sale. I let it expire, not thinking of what potential value it would have today. $10 over 15 years would have only been a $150 investment.

I looked up a lot of my old domain names. Lots of new ownership out there, some still available. Now and days, I only let those domains expire if there is no significant combination of words. With the number of available .COM domains is becoming fewer and fewer, value in the second hand market for domain names continues to grow.

And the fewer letters or full words you have in a domain name, the more rare they become. For instance, there are only 676 two letter domain name combinations, all of which were reserved before 1998. Facebook, who came into existence much later, purchased for $8,500,000.

In terms of three letter .COM domain names, there are 17,000 variations. All of which have been reserved, I believe as early as 2003. There are some heavy headlines on 3 letter domain names: sold for $80,000 brokered for $500,000 once sold for around $12,000,000

In 2007, All 4 letter domains were officially registered, continuing the placement of significant numbers of domain names on second hand markets like SEDO, eBay, and others. There are 456,976 letter combinations of .com names, 50,000 of which actually mean something relevant. And some staggering numbers here: – $136,000 – $1,000,000 – $7,000,000 – $9,500,000 – $10,000,000

As for the most expensive domain name sold, was sold for $16,000,000 and it looks like they spent all of the money on the web design budget too.

Domain names have a price. Now you need to work on getting them second hand. I’ll have some news on a recent acquisition later next week.

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