“Samsung to Unveil 5G by 2020”, Wireless, and 4G

Samsung to unveil 5G by 2020, nearly 7 years away. Here is the sign of where technology sits today and what needs to be improved before we can achieve the next step in Wireless growth. Wireless internet has been a very popular subject. With the expansion of 3G into many populated areas in the United States, one can get access to email, streaming media, and the web very easily. With 4G, we’ve noticed the saturation of major cities. And along with 4G, we’ve noticed the adaptation of 4G primary internet connections.

4G as a primary internet connection is close, but not perfect. Conditions such as rain and heavy cloud cover cause difficulty in establishing internet connectivity. But it is a major step in the right direction. Today, you can get 4G primary internet connections up to 8 Mbps.

Alternatively, many will opt to use their wireless phone as a tethered internet connection. This method allows the full bandwidth allowed by 4G, which can reach close to 56 Mbps. Soon, advancements will allow close to 150 Mbps. The draw back on the phone tethered connections comes with the limit on transfer amounts.

4G Internet vs Phone Tethering are simply an issue of contract disputes. Companies such as Clear, Virgin Mobile, and others simply pay the larger companies, such as Verizon and AT&T to piggy-back off their exiting networks, and their existing 4G access points. Therefore, the drop the total allowed speed to 8 Mbps and give priority to the phone’s that are on their networks.

Even with a potential 5G, we are simply counting the numbers, 5th generation. Reaching out to the internet at 1GB to 10GB wirelessly will be amazing. And with the supposed lower cost to roll out compared to hard fiber lines, there may be some serious competition. All that said, this is more just a Public Relations announcement. 5G will be here soon. First, 4G needs to get a lot better.

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