Patiently Waiting… or Impatiently, Makibox in June

I am just taking a line straight out of John’s latest video update on the Makibox. Since February of 2012, I have been blogging about the Makibox, which will be one of the first 3D printers out for less than $500. A pretty amazing feat at that, all started by a couple of Tech Crunch blog posts, along with the kick-starter like page, which was made by no one other than John Buford himself. Lots of people went in on the investment and many will be soon seeing the outcome in June. Here is another update on the Makibox project.

John, I say, take your time. There are not any other manufacturers out there offering the same price. Let’s build this thing right and get one step closer to having a portal replicator in our living rooms.

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