Cybernetics with Wrist Watches and Ear Pieces

FVS6ZRBHGH6Y8FG.LARGEIt was bound to happen. It was projected in movies. It has been thought of in new business ventures. And the technology is getting very close to even more experimental use of Cybernetics. We haven’t quite tapped into the biological implants with every day to day applications and electronics, but we do have people beginning to implant bluetooth microphones in their ears as well as magnets in their wrists to give them some new edge on what today’s current trend is.

Justurn on Instructibles tells us about his Sony Smart Arm that he attaches right onto his magnetic wrist. After visiting a piercing shops to get his magnets in place, he can now put his watch on without any bands.

More and more people are thinking about surgeries, piercings, and implantation to get their technology closer to them today. With today’s technology getting actually small enough, it’s becoming a more and more feasible experiment. Some of us are just a little bit more wild than the others. As for me, I’ll continue to read, watch, and see what others are doing… I do not feel the need to be a guinea pig.

Check out the implantable bluetooth microphone and speaker that was on Shark Tank about 3 years ago:

What will be next? Google Glass might be the first step to modifying glasses for everyone, which does not seem so invasive, but contact lenses to follow, and could you imagine a digital lasik surgery?

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