12 Hours Travel – What to do?

I’m getting ready for my 12 hours of travel to eastern Europe for some enjoyable time off. And with the long connecting flight mixed up with the +7 hours time zone change, you’ve got to think about how to occupy yourself.

What I’ve found particularly great, between the 10 hours battery life of my Samsung laptop and my 7 hours battery life of my Macbook Air (yes, I am bringing both) and now with my 4 days of battery life on my extended battery Samsung Galaxy 3, I don’t think there is a flight long enough that I wont be entertained. Ignore the leg room space and the cramped conditions of Coach travel, I’m looking forward to it.

Blog posts still to come, I’ll find time to tether my data plan to my laptop, sitting on the beach of the Black Sea, attempting to find new technology for you from across the pond and over the alps.

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I'm Phillihp. My name can be spelled the same way forwards and backwards, so can my posts... if you wish. I'm out here exploring, learning, and sharing what I find. This is more for fun and personal growth, I aim to be as consistent as possible, so check back daily!
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