3G, 4G Coverage in Europe, Eastern Europe

The internet has grown quickly and vastly around the entire globe. With all of the evolving technology, it continues to expand anywhere where profit can be realized and utilization can be tapped. It was just two years ago that 4G entered the markets of Washington DC, and on October 31st, 2012 the eastern European county Romania got it through it’s Vodaphone and Orange telcom provider.

In-fact, 4G roll outs have been deployed through various countries and the growth is huge. Below is a listing of countries with 4G deployments and when they have first introduced roll outs:

Country Initial Roll Outs
Afghanistan 3.75G Feb 19th, 2013
Africa (East & Central) Dec, 2012
Australia Dec, 2011
Belgium Dec, 2012
Brazil June 15th, 2013
Canada Still 3G, Talks in Place for 4G
France Nov 22nd, 2012 (Orange)
India Apr 10th, 2012
Italy Dec, 2012
Kazakhstan Dec, 2013
Middle East Sept 2011 – Saudi Arabia; May 2012 – UAE; Apr, 2013 – Quatar
Pakistan Announced, no success
The Netherlands Feb, 2013
New Zealand Feb 28th, 2013
Phillippines Dec, 2012
Romania Oct 31st, 2012
Scandinavia Nov, 2009
South Korea Announced 2008 to have by 2012…
Sri Lanka Dec 30th, 2012
Thailand May 8th, 2013
United Kingdom & Ireland Feb 29th, 2012
United States Oct 2008 (Sprint Nextel), Dec 2010 (Verizon)

It is pretty amazing that 4G is being rolled out so fast. Putting up wireless antennas has become much more simple now that the cell towers and core lining has already been built out, but that doesn’t mean that there is not a lot of work to be done. The other thing you’ll notice is the government incentives for these roll outs. Basically, these deployments provide information and communication to all people, so they are tremendously beneficial.

With the world of iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S4’s, international travel and international phone plans is all but regular. Take a look at some European specific data maps.


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