Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S4 – Should You Upgrade?

While in Romania, there were vast number of Samsung stores, more so than Apple “Authorized Retailer’s”. The Ad’s were plentiful and they all consisted of the Samsung Galaxy S4. So, I decided to stop by and compare my S3 to the S4, see what all the fuss was all about.

While initially, I thought that the S4 was going to be larger, physically, it’s actually just about the same size, and technically smaller, but the screen has expanded ever so slightly to remove a bit more of the bevel from the device.

To me, it seems that most of the Galaxy S4 upgrades are minute, they are a bit more fine tuned, slight improvements, slight screen increase (4.99 vs 4.8 inches), resolution at 1920×1080 (okay… you only have 5 inches diagonal anyways), 2xQuad-core (COOL!),13 MP camera upgrade from 8 MP, with some added features, front-camera upgrade to 1080p video, same basic flash space, and a slight battery extension which could be drawn down by the extra processor.

The S4 boasts a ton of software features with the new Android OS, which raises the huge red flag of, who cares… Unless they have something revolutionary such as the HTC Touch software, software can be downloaded and ported to any phone, such as Siri and Touch.

The additional processor is the biggest plus to the S4 in my opinion. Today, I’m not typically drawn down by the S3’s processor. I say, let’s just hold on the upgrade… wait for the infamous drop off the desk, drowning in coca-cola, dropping in the garbage disposal, or losing it on a night on the town.

Instead, take your S3 and flash the ROM with Cyanogenmod/ and give your phone another 6-12 months of life without spending any money. By that time, the price will be low enough the upgrade won’t even matter, or maybe you’ll be looking at an S5 by then.

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