IT Demand Incredibly High – Not just the USA

I got the chance to check out the Microsoft and Oracle buildings in Romania, check out the scenes, and take some pictures (below). I also got a chance to talk to an IT professional here over a 3 hour game of Canasta. It was funny because he brought up all of the subjects that I bring up about the US IT culture. There is such high demand and finding good people is extremely hard to do. He said that there are estimations around 1.2m IT related jobs that are vacant in Europe in the euro regions. Oracle and Microsoft, along with other companies have setup shop all over Europe to fulfill their IT needs, especially in some of the fastest growing countries in Eastern Europe.

It’s the same in the United States, we are quickly importing talented individuals from India, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, etc… to account for our already huge information technology sector. And even with all this growth that has already been done in the USA, there is still more demand than ever. As companies continue to seek the need for talented individuals, the good people become scarce and the talent dilutes, so we then invest more into the current crowd we have. We forget about the needs around the rest of the world, China, India, South America, Eastern Europe, Russia. There is a huge future in IT, and it’s not just the opinion of myself.

As demand is further realized and supply continues to dry up, solutions are used as alternatives. In my mind technology will continue to drive into the future. And more specifically, the complex systems such as Software Application Engineers, Website Application Developers, and Computer Systems Analysts (often mistaken and replaced with Business Analyst, but traditionally should have programming level experience) all hit the tops of the market demand. We have our platform, the web, the need for custom functionality, and the languages and inter-working’s to get it done, now lets staff up. Problem, the supply of those who are capable.



Some pictures taken in Bucharest, Romania yesterday and today.



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