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28 jun

Accessible Screen Readers for Background Images in IE (Internet Explorer)

**, Chrome, DIY, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer

Accessibility is, in my opinion, very easy for developers to become compliant with. WCAG 2.0 AA (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), the ever so outdated 508. It is easy, so if you have the extra time and the audience, please make … Continue reading

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27 jun

Develop in MVC, From a CMS

.NET MVC, ***, Architecture, CakePHP, Internet, Microsoft, Ruby on Rails

You have to develop a website application, you have 5 days to do it, and you want to keep the potential of expansible object orientation without having to tie together too many abstract frameworks together, what do you do? Why … Continue reading

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26 jun

Removing WHOIS from ICANN

**, Clusters, Internet, News

It seems that someone is talking my language. It looks like there are people out there who also want to remove the WHOIS feature from the standard ICANN databases. Today, you can go to mostly any registrar’s website, for example: … Continue reading

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26 jun

DoorBot Smart Doorbell and Video Camera

*, DIY, Electronics, Home Automation, Home Projects, howto, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Mobility

** Update: Be sure to check out iDoorcam Wifi Door Bell that is a compeitor product with a smaller form factor Just last week, I published an extensive preview of the major new smart locks that are about to hit … Continue reading

25 jun

Can Sony Make a Smartwatch Comeback!?

*, Companies, Electronics, News
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24 jun

Memcached – Very Fast In-Memory Cache

**, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Databases, Internet

Replicated, single write, multiple read databases are all over the place. Indexed information across databases that keep most of it’s data in active RAM and can queue up data even before its going to be read is the basis of … Continue reading

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23 jun

Comparable Matrix Between Smart Locks: Lockitron, Goji, August and Kevo

***, Android, Cloud Computing, Design, DIY, Electronics, Entertainment, Hacking, Hardware, Home Automation, Home Projects, howto, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, News, User Experience

Smart locks is the latest home automation technology craze that is growing in competition thanks to Bluetooth low energy (AKA Bluetooth Smart) found in many of the latest mobile phones and devices. First there was the popular Lockitron, which slips … Continue reading

21 jun

Yahoo Hanging by Straws, Relatively

***, Apple, Google, History, Internet, Microsoft, News, Stock, Yahoo

Yahoo used to be one of the largest competitors in the internet space, providing content, mail, search, and news for almost everyone. Remember AOL and how large they got. Since then they have sized down, much more than Yahoo. But … Continue reading

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20 jun

Xbox One News! Microsoft Reverses DRM Policies!

*, 3D Graphics, Entertainment, Games, Media, Microsoft, News

Wow, Digital Rights Management has been completely removed from the new Xbox One! No online internet requirement and no 24 hour constant internet checking. No restrictions to lending games to friends and no restrictions on areas. Xbox is matching Playstation … Continue reading

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19 jun

Network Address Translation (NAT) Explained

**, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Internet

Are you looking for your publicly accessible IP and cannot find the appropriate IP’s per the IP’s listed on your server systems network interfaces? If you cannot find them, it’s most likely because you have some network translation going on … Continue reading

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