IBM to Purchase SoftLayer – Internet Hosting Company

I have hosted through SoftLayer for some time now, even before the name was SoftLayer, The Planet, and Rack Shack. Well today, SoftLayer was purchased by IBM, which means, now all of my hosting accounts are owned by IBM. Amazing to see how the changes in companies take place.

Here was an email to all my clients who had gone through this evolution this morning.

“When we first signed up for your hosting company, we began with Rack Shack, where I have had many customers. Their company did extremely well and was eventually bought out by The Planet, whose company was doing so well it was bought out by Soft Layer. Soft Layer provides servers and cloud computing for 20,000 customers and this morning was purchased by IBM.

We are expecting consolidation in December / January, and with this new acquisition, there may be some other changes. Nothing dire at this time. I do not expect this change to be of significant impact. But, it’s nice to see that we have been hosted by such a reputable company. You may hear some about this in the news.

Let me know if you have questions.”

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