3D Auto-Cad Automatically Via Kintinuous

There has been some amazing things coming out in the world of 3D:

3D Web Graphics allow our browsers to play video games without even downloading and installing software.

3D Printing has taken retail stores as the first real “Replicators” allowing us to literally create things on the fly using a single device. The Star Trek age is coming closer and closer until we can make pretty much whatever we want!

3D Imaging and Input via the Kinect has allowed devices to record and interpret our movements.

And with that Kinect technology, we now have 3D image rendering and tracking control to take our readable input device and map out entire 3-dimensional computer environments.

The Kintinuous 2.0 allows the recording and walking through a physical field to be recorded, analyzed, and mapped to a 3-dimensional format. Not only that, but it also allows for a 3-dimensional world to connect to itself, completing a puzzle of it’s own recordings into an actual interconnected breathing 3D environment. The 2.0 version is quite astonishing and is proving to build even higher levels of detail into automated 3D environment construction.

Now just imagine serving this 3D environment up Live over the web that you can travel in virtually on-demand, or even imagine this being served up to be printed, over the internet. Now you see where my head is at.

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