AMD’s Rumored New Processors at 5GHz and 8-Core

fx_logoFor many years, AMD provided great competition to Intel for processor units. They provided cheaper solutions with a few less integrated algorithms, but were sufficient enough to spread to many computer builders and businesses. Intel held strong, continuing to be innovative and increase an impressive gap between the two companies, to the point where AMD is nearly negligible when compared to Intel. Intel took over Motorola, IBM, and Apple’s PowerPC chip that powered the popular Mac’s. In-fact, Intel made Mac’s more popular with their support. Intel has dominated TI and competed on the mobile level. NVidia came into the world, offering 3rd party integrated chip systems that competed directly with ATI graphics processors knocking them so much into the ground that AMD finally turned to buying out ATI to further compete with Intel and NVidia. Don’t get me wrong, NVidia is 10% the size of Intel. AMD is only 2% the size of Intel. So there’s some tough competition.

If there is a company to come out with competition, it would be a TI, NVidia, or an AMD. Recently it was stated that Intel has so much research and so many legs up in the technological research arena, that no other company would ever be able to catch up. That could be quite true.

But all the news and rumors continue to come out… And today’s rumor, which I’ve actually heard before… AMD is to come out with 5GHz processors with 8-Core’s. An amazing feat… Read More Here.

AMD survives off publicity stunts and rumor releases. It makes you think they are still around, that they still exist. Don’t get lost in this. Stick to Intel. Don’t get suckered in!

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