Removing WHOIS from ICANN

It seems that someone is talking my language. It looks like there are people out there who also want to remove the WHOIS feature from the standard ICANN databases. Today, you can go to mostly any registrar’s website, for example: and do a WHOIS on any domain name out there. What you will find, are the technical contacts, owners, and contact information. You will also find the maser name servers that provide DNS services to that domain.

What a lot of registrars have begun doing is providing WHOIS Guard protection so that they can protect their clients personal information. But that’s not always available and most of the time, it costs a bit extra. If you are smart, you can put your lawyers information in that section and just let them take all of the calls. With all of the spam these days, it seems that people are opting for a better solution, only allowing particular registered organizations have access… I imagine with the added subscription fee, you can remove yourself from there altogether.

All that said, it’s still important to allow the Name Server lookup, we all obviously have to see who we need to contact to get our individual sub domain references from.

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