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31 jul

Surround Yourself by Inspirational People

***, Rants

I try to think of myself as a nice guy. Very open, great eye contact, listens carefully, can change any situation to something comical / lighten the mood. But from time to time, I find myself in a position, where … Continue reading

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30 jul

Challenging Yourself at an IT Position

***, Architecture, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Office, Rants

Oh boy, do I have an ego or something else. It seems that every position I hold these days, I cannot seem to find a position that challenges me enough! With any profession, once you delve into the world of … Continue reading

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29 jul

Load Testing Your Public Websites Online

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, DIY, Internet, Linux

If you have a website that you anticipate many hits on, or if you have scripts that you are unsure can handle the pressure, it’s good to run a load test. Load testing is basically a way of virtually spinning … Continue reading

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27 jul

IP Vanish VPN to Surf Anonymously

**, Hacking, Internet, Mobility, Rants

Most people would ask, why do you even care about surfing anonymously. But what people do not realize, is that the majority of the sites that you log into are unsecured, non-encrypted. And it is likely that you are using … Continue reading

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26 jul

Famous Hacker, Barnaby Jack, Dies at Age 36

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25 jul

Facebook to Crush Earnings, Especially in Mobile

*, Facebook, Internet, Mobility, News, Stock

Facebook released earnings and it looks like they are now making some headway into their revenue figures. With the improvement of the Mobile Ad revenue, the company spiked 25%, which is incredible. That said, this company is trading at a … Continue reading

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23 jul

Joomla Plugin to Allow Module Rendering Dynamically

***, DIY, Internet, PHP, Rants

Wow, this might be a rare subject. Do you actually understand what I mean by this title? “Plugin to Allow Module Rendering Dynamically” ?? A lot of people in the CMS world deal with life on a very manual basis. … Continue reading

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22 jul

Tornado, Flood, Fire, Hurricane Proof Homes

**, 3D Graphics, Architecture, Design, Home Projects, Robotics

It makes so much logical sense. How do you protect your home from all of the disasters out in this world? Why not put it on Hydrolic lifts and bury it. If there is a disaster coming your way, lets … Continue reading

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21 jul

Sunday Comics: Who Own’s Who, Smartphones

*, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Mobility, Sunday Comics

Sunday Comics might be a little bit of fun to do each week. This is something brand new, let’s see if we can keep it rolling from week to week. For this week, we have: Who Own’s Who, Smartphones.

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18 jul

New DARPA robot closely resembles Terminator

*, Design, Hardware, News, Robotics

New robots making more serious splashes and reminding us of Hollywood movies.

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