Plastic Replicators in Every Household by 2025?

With the huge shift of 3D printers, the amazing drops in price, can you imagine the future? By 2025, would it be possible for every household to have a plastic 3D printer, sitting next to their microwave? Do you need a plastic fork, toothpick, plate, maybe you need a missing piece for Monopoly? Maybe you need a container, a plastic bottle, a clip? 3D plastic printers could become a household staple if the prices can drop even further, the technologies further get mastered, and they integrate into an internet library of potential prints.

The Makibox is less than $300, connect that up with a $200 laptop, you have a quick and dirty kitchen appliance. But the practicality is far greater than just the kitchen. And the ability to expend the 3D printing into combination plastic / metal may be able to take “replicators” to a completely new level. We are not quite there yet.

Where we may be close to is the application for printable plastics in everyone’s home by 2025, just think about it. The cost of mass produced plastic filament would completely remove the need for pre-printed plastic forks and knives. You no longer have to drive out to the store to get these items either. You simply put an order in on your own “replicator” and pick it up when it’s done printing.

The future will be fun!

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