Ambient Light On Your LCD Computer Monitors

Ambient background light on your television is meant to expand a picture to the walls behind and to the sides of your display. It does a good job, and the further the focus of the main action, the ambient glows do a pretty good job of making a picture appear to be larger than it actually is, especially on top of a 65 inch TV with plenty of wall space.

Many people worked on how they could integrate the ambient background light into their existing TV’s, which has been extremely proven to be quite inexpensive, compared to buying them right off the shelf. Well now, it’s being done on your computers LCD monitors. Check it out here.

You can find them all over the price, but they are not all exactly perfect for your TV. I was looking for something that could fit a 60 inch TV. And my two monitors on my desktop are 2x Ultrasharp 27 inches, so I would need something quite a bit custom.

LED Home Theater Accent Lighting Kit

TigerDirect has something very interesting, which looks like it could be very good for large TV’s, but a stiff price at $150+.

This ambient obsession expands beyond just the TV, but also routing the LCD’s that are triggered by the actual video inputs on each sub-woofer, speaker, and console units. Pretty cool, something else to think about!

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