IP Vanish VPN to Surf Anonymously

Most people would ask, why do you even care about surfing anonymously. But what people do not realize, is that the majority of the sites that you log into are unsecured, non-encrypted. And it is likely that you are using a very similar password on that site, that you are using on another. People purposefully target hotels, airports, Starbucks, and other public locations to steal your information. And so what, who cares if someone steals your information. You forget that we live in a much larger world. Grabbing your information is value to someone else. Selling that information or providing that information to automated bots can significantly increase the risk of someone being able to crack into your accounts.

So surf anonymously when you are public. In my opinion, if you are away, use your 3G/4G stick first, your tethered phone second, and if both of those do not work and you absolutely have too, use the public WiFi with an Anonymous VPN just like IP Vanish. Pay the money for it, if you are an IT / Web Crazy Head like me, you know what information crosses these lines and just how easy it is to be able to pick them up. Public WiFi’s are dangerous traps, Even with Encryption!

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