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17 jul

Network Solutions Blip Knocks Tremendous Amounts of Sites Offline

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Network Solutions is one of the largest companies in the registrar business. Based out of Herndon, VA (20 miles west of DC), Network Solutions has 900 employees and offers DNS Services, Web Hosting, and of-course their Domain Name Registration. It … Continue reading

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16 jul For Sale! Editors and Contributors Bid

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Jason Calacanis, the owner of appears to want to sell the website. The site pulls in a reported $14k per month in Ads and has a pretty hefty sized fan-base. The site started in 2004 and is truly for … Continue reading

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15 jul

T-Mobile’s JUMP Lets You Upgrade TWICE a Year!

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No more worrying about getting the latest and greatest smart phones. You will get them twice a year with T-Mobile’s new upgrade plan. It’s kind of wild, I used to upgrade my phone twice a year, but it seems today … Continue reading

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13 jul

Ambient Light On Your LCD Computer Monitors

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Ambient background light on your television is meant to expand a picture to the walls behind and to the sides of your display. It does a good job, and the further the focus of the main action, the ambient glows … Continue reading

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12 jul

IT Professionals with Poor Communication Skills

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I feel like this should be an ever evolving subject. IT seems to attract those who can think in one part of their brain but not the other. Communication skills are extraordinarily valuable when providing a service. My particular issue … Continue reading

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11 jul

Plastic Replicators in Every Household by 2025?

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With the huge shift of 3D printers, the amazing drops in price, can you imagine the future? By 2025, would it be possible for every household to have a plastic 3D printer, sitting next to their microwave? Do you need … Continue reading

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11 jul

Makibox A6 Pre-Production and Yoda

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I have been holding through with the Makibox product for more than a year now. After several hundred thousand dollars raised, Makibox based out of China has begun work, done incredible amounts of testing, and is in pre-production. Expected to … Continue reading

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10 jul

Want to Have Fun With Your Animals?

*, 3D Graphics, DIY, Entertainment, Home Projects, Robotics

Fling things at your animals, automatically, with this DIY animal piece thrower. I am sure it would work with any dry food. This was created and built with a 3D printer. More Pictures Here

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9 jul

Solar Powered Plane Flies Across Entire US

*, History, News, Solar

Renewable energy is becoming more and more prevalent, as proven by this completely solar powered plane’s flight across the United States. Pretty cool.

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8 jul

Rowing Across the Atlantic Ocean

*, Hardware, News, Sports

Did you know that individuals and groups row across extremely long distances, 3000 miles plus and across the Atlantic Ocean? Check this out here. Embedded video from CNN Video

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