Monthly Archives: August 2013

29 aug

Good Job on Traffic – Knocking me Down

**, Architecture, Clusters, Hacking, Hardware, Internet, News

Thank you all for all the traffic guys (and gals). I have to deal with server maintenance more than ever over the past months. It’s a good problem to have. This site is not load balanced yet, but I’m starting … Continue reading

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28 aug

GMail and Google Labs – Delayed Email Send

**, DIY, Google, Internet, Office

Let’s face it. Either I had too much fun in college or I have too much stuff going on in my life, I am forgetful! So, if you have something you can do ahead of time, why not setup a … Continue reading

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27 aug

Mac Rumors and Mac Happy Things to Look For!

*, Apple, Design, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone, News

A new set of iPhone’s to be released soon, lots of rumors, get your fill here!

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25 aug

Windows 8.1 – Reverting back to Normal

***, Browsers, Entertainment, History, Internet, Microsoft, Mobility, News, Office, Rants, Windows

It’s funny, Windows continually has issues with new versions of their software. I wonder if it is because they charge so much money for their upgrades or if it is because they try to be so extreme with their new … Continue reading

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24 aug

Data Destruction with Old Hard Drives

***, beer, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, Rants

Every now and then, you realize that you have more hard drives than you know what to do with. Over the past year, I’ve been on a serious cleanup of all the technology I have laying around. Got rid of … Continue reading

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23 aug

Steve Ballmer Stepping Down at Microsoft

***, Apple, Google, History, Microsoft, News, Windows

The Steve Ballmer announcement was absolutely everywhere. If you didn’t read it before now, thank you for coming here first. Because it was literally everywhere. Now that the news is out, I just have a couple of comments based on … Continue reading

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22 aug

Underground Bicycle Parking in Japan!

*, Hardware, News, Robotics

This was a very cool video shown to me from abroad. Take a look at how Japan has setup an innovative way to safely store your bike.

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21 aug

Toolbox Update – Drupal 6 Password Generator

***, CMS, DIY, Drupal, Internet, PHP

I have been working with a Drupal site as of late, Drupal 6 to be precise and it’s funny how much 4 years changes the web world. Drupal 6 is still pretty simple and basic, so simple that is still … Continue reading

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20 aug

IT Granularity – The Need of Business / Systems Analysts

***, Architecture, Companies, Rants

Granularity is an often overlooked subject in the IT world. The world of scope definition is only as good as how granular you can define that scope. Too many times in the IT world people overlook granularity. It is extremely … Continue reading

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19 aug

First CPU Liquid Cooler Using Nanofluids

***, Companies, Electronics, Hardware, News

Zalman is releasing something quite cool, a nanofluid water CPU cooler. So, not only are you cooling your internal CPU with water, but you are refrigerating these nanofluids as they pump and move around the radiator. What does this mean … Continue reading

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