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Haml_1-5_logoYou would think that the evolution of HTML is heading towards HTML5 and you would be thinking correctly. But there is another trend that Many, if not Most Web Programmers barely even scratch the surface of. HTML is a very basic markup language based on XML tags. HTML5 is the evolution of the standardized way that the web has been programmed on. It extends the existing model to also support new functionality such as Video, Audio, and Interactive Graphics through JavaScript. It also adds additional semantics to more clearly define your website’s information to help the world index, search, and sort better.


But there is another layer of abstraction that we can take HTML to make coding the actual HTML even easier than before. HTML / XML is bulky and takes a lot of tags, ><‘s, class=””, style=””, id=””, etc… DIV’s are pretty standard and are used all over, so why do we need to type all this stuff, why not suppose that each line will be declared a DIV, identify classes by using a period and use simple equals signs to register Ruby code? In essence, you are pre-processing your Haml code and creating your HTML code on the fly.

If you are interested in Abstracting HTML, you may also be interested in Pre-Processing CSS with SASS and LESS and even more about Syntactically Awesome CSS – Style with Attitude.

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