Hiring the Right Person for the Job by Communicating

4-communication-skillsI talk about it all the time, but it seems that I need to continue to send the message.

Communication is extraordinarily important in identifying whether you are the right person for a job. Without the ability to communicate, the odds of discovering your capabilities, competencies, and experience are drastically reduced. The second that there is a communication break down, the process does not go any further than where it began. Clear distinction of syllables and proper enunciation that can be heard, but not over bearing. Calmness and patience, with strategic interjection that resembles basic conversational skills. That goes for having the ability to communicate your skill sets. It’s obvious that you need to know your skill sets, and this is all done by communication.

communication_f2f_message3components_6x4Time and time again, IT proves to be that peculiar field that this simple concept, just lacks. Interesting…

If you are interested in more of my rants on communication, it’s a pretty frustrating topic for me:

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