Steve Ballmer Stepping Down at Microsoft

The Steve Ballmer announcement was absolutely everywhere. If you didn’t read it before now, thank you for coming here first. Because it was literally everywhere. Now that the news is out, I just have a couple of comments based on the media out-cry and completely ridiculous statements out there.

For starters, suggestions that people like Elon Musk would be the next person to take over was laughable. Unless share-holders are ready to take that company in a completely 360 turn, maybe a 720, maybe an Xbox One… Just kidding, that will never happen. Microsoft has it’s base of core products that will always remain a staple. It’s highly unlikely that an Elon Musk would ever be entertained to steer that ship, although he is one to create several forms of transportation.

The stock took a 7 percent increase in the news, meaning that Ballmer made about $750 million, just on this announcement. And with this new news, if the prospects look good, and it appears that the company does decide to go in a more internet / mobile savvy direction, we could begin to see the “Parking Lot”, which Microsoft is, expand it’s size making investors who do not know where to put their money, back into Microsoft as a place to hold their money for safe keeping. When Steve Jobs passed, we noticed a parking lot reduction at AAPL. At Microsoft, because of their core products and influence, the parking lot has pretty much been the same for 10 years. Google is now a new parking lot for investors to park their “what do I do with this cash” investments.

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