Windows 8.1 – Reverting back to Normal

It’s funny, Windows continually has issues with new versions of their software. I wonder if it is because they charge so much money for their upgrades or if it is because they try to be so extreme with their new release? In each new release, Windows tries to stand out and make a new name for themselves. With Windows Vista, they approached re-designing their entire Operating System, purely basing the kernels on their Windows 2000 and network kernels. It was probably the most historically terrible release Microsoft had ever had. But with time and the corrections, Windows 7 became one of the best releases since Windows XP.

Since then, Microsoft has aimed to deploy Windows 8 as a tablet and Mobile friendly operating system. That seems to be where the trends have been heading. We need touch friendly, power light, and ease of use all built into a single system. But yet again, Microsoft went too extreme… the trend was tablets, but the sales tended to stop and people ended up going back to what they were used to, which is the Desktop PC in the form of a Laptop. Our desktop PC has simply become easier to use everywhere you are, without sacrificing the real keyboard and full sized screen. Therefore, the Windows 8 reaches, have now become “reach-backs”, with Windows 8.1 reverting and making more apparent options to “stay the same” as it was before.

I wonder if this was a strategic plan… doubt it. Windows 8.1 is the same as Windows 7. You will not see me making major changes soon. My Media PC has Windows 8, but lets really think about it. All I run on that thing is Netflix, Amazon, and a Browser. Not all that different from a Windows 7 system.

Windows 8.1 is Ready


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