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30 sep

Fresh Ingredients for Meals to Your Doorstep

***, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Internet

We have all heard of the company Peapod (Giant), which is setup to deliver groceries to your front door. Basically if you are too busy, working five jobs, live a long distance from the grocery store, have accessibility issues, or … Continue reading

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27 sep

Explaining Phone ESN and Serial Number’s

**, Electronics, Mobility, News

If you are someone that is looking online for a good deal on a new phone, you may run across that perfect condition phone that just so happens to have a Bad ESN. So what does that mean? It’s basically … Continue reading

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26 sep

Microsoft Windows Prompt Screen Expansion

**, DIY, Hacking, Microsoft, Windows

A little known fact, often over-looked, is that the Windows Prompt dialog box is easily expandable to fit the size of your screen. If you click the upper left corner of the prompt screen, you’ll see there is a properties … Continue reading

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24 sep

What Happens When People Don’t Pay Their Developers?

***, Companies, Design, Internet, News, Office, Rants

If you are a client of mine, seriously do not take this the wrong way. I have way more class than this. But, it is pretty funny. So, what happens when you do not pay your web developer? Well, those … Continue reading

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24 sep

Importance of Ticketing Systems in App Dev

***, Architecture, Office, Rants

Ticketing Systems are extremely important in IT environments! In many places it’s pretty easy to find a single developer who is in charge of several requirements and development roles, where they are deploying or releasing an application that happens to … Continue reading

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22 sep

How Has Facebook Scaled? Largest PHP / MySQL Site

***, Architecture, Databases, Facebook, Hardware, Internet, Twitter

Facebook has far proven to become the largest PHP and MySQL site on the internet. But don’t let it fool you, there are many systems that comprise in Facebooks world, and Java, C++, and other languages all play a part … Continue reading

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21 sep

iOS 7 Bug Bypasses iPhone’s Lockscreen to Make Calls

*, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone, News

Bugs already? No way… sounds like normal software releases.

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18 sep

Portable and Slim Surges with USB Chargers

***, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects

These Portable Surge with USB Chargers have been incredibly awesome! I have probably bought around 8 of these and put them all over the place. Living room, 3x in the Bedroom (Kindle, Phones, etc…), my backpack, office, and two others … Continue reading

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17 sep

File System Permissions – Always the Issue

**, Internet, Linux

I always have opportunities to migrate content and websites. Companies and organizations continue to tell others how difficult their systems are, how complex. Their systems can “never” be moved without tens of thousands of dollars… In-fact it’s almost a scare … Continue reading

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17 sep

Server Maintenance – New Servers!

News, Site Related

Hi Everyone, If you are seeing this message, it means that you are seeing brand new servers. Finally upgraded my CentOS to 6.0 from 5.2, embarrassing, I know. All versions of pretty much everything is the latest and greatest, as … Continue reading

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