Could You Control Your Car with Your Brain?

With all the news coming out and all of the technologies rolling out, many have speculated on the ability to allow your car to drive for you. In addition to being able to get into your car without a key, while the car reads your brainwaves, navigates through Google, and takes your commands through voice recognition. Oh, hold on, let me top that one all of… the car is completely electric and does not have a gas powered motor in it at all.

Wow, sounds like a lot? But imagine it. Tesla Motor Corp is producing electric cars, at a profit, that can go zero to sixty miles per hour in 5 seconds or travel at 200 miles per charge. They are building networks up and down the west and east coast. Google Maps is beginning to take hold in our navigation worlds where phones are taking over our mobile logistics and spreading to car units. Brain wave detection is figuring out general brain wave patterns similar to a finger print, with hopes to finding how a brain wave signature for a particular person may be “thinking” slower or “off-beat”, hence detecting people that are drinking or sleep deprived. But why do you need to detect for that when your cars will soon drive for you, another goal that Google is trying to accomplish.

Cars and technologies are truly beginning to take a turn towards an amazing future.

Auto Driving Google Cars:

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