File System Permissions – Always the Issue

I always have opportunities to migrate content and websites. Companies and organizations continue to tell others how difficult their systems are, how complex. Their systems can “never” be moved without tens of thousands of dollars… In-fact it’s almost a scare tactic for many companies. Migrating content is not that difficult. You have a couple of basic things: 1) Software Dependencies, 2) File System, and 3) Database.

Funny thing when you migrate file systems, file permissions don’t necessarily always copy themselves all the way over. And the one thing that most people always forget, or the thing that most new people often overlook, are File System permissions. Using common systems like WordPress or Joomla, they are regularly maintained by people who may not have been raised in the computer science world. The internet is flooded with questions about why web files cannot be displayed or read and typically, File System Permissions are the issue!

Therefore, I have thought to show you this video, which is essential for any Windows, Linux and / or Web Administrator.

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