Portable and Slim Surges with USB Chargers

These Portable Surge with USB Chargers have been incredibly awesome! I have probably bought around 8 of these and put them all over the place. Living room, 3x in the Bedroom (Kindle, Phones, etc…), my backpack, office, and two others that I don’t know what to do with. Having the USB options makes this a great option for every location in your house / office. And for travel, these things are a wonder. I literally just keep one in my backpack, along with 2x 10ft USB to Micro cables. One issue that I have is that because it sits on top, and the AC plug / mount is on the bottom, if you pull the USB device with the wire, there is room where the adapter can get lose, so just don’t pull too far. Also sticks out of the wall a bit much.

And then recently, I found the Slim Wall Adapters. I ordered two of these Slim wall plates to see if they would be better and more stable. Downside comparing the two is that you lose a plug because you cover the bottom outlet to maintain more stability. The other downside to the Slim Wall Plate is that your outlets are so close together, where with the NuGiant, you can fit very awkward power adapters and have them all fit, because of the size and position of the outlets. They call these “Space Isolated Outlets” (video below).

All in all, I love the idea of these USB adaptations. And I am very happy that we standardized on a power type for small devices. In-fact, I am getting pretty close to saying that these USB’s need to be available on all wall-plugs. I posted about other options, where you can literally take your AC power outlets out and replace them with ones that have 2x USB attachment. I’m not quite at that stage, but it could make a lot of sense to put these all over your place. In due time.

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