Fresh Ingredients for Meals to Your Doorstep

We have all heard of the company Peapod (Giant), which is setup to deliver groceries to your front door. Basically if you are too busy, working five jobs, live a long distance from the grocery store, have accessibility issues, or are just lazy, you can order your groceries all online and have them delivered to your front step. They leave your cooled and frozen items packed with dry ice and you return all the plastic bins by just waiting for the next order.

But there is a new phenomena on a much smaller scale, but could very well be a much more efficient way of managing food delivery to your doorstep. BlueApron, Plated, and PlateJoy are now gathering extremely talented chefs, to build you a perfectly and healthy delivered meal in the form of ingredients and a very simple step by step recipe guide.

No more buying too much avocado, sour cream, or sides. Everything is perfectly measured down to the plate, served in pairs, all costing about $10 a place. Cost-effective could be borderline to nope. But the amount of time you save, ability to explore complex meals, and the ease of cooking with very well written instructions adds that additional value. These are typically done in weekly shipments, where you can request new meals and types of food the week prior.

It will be my first try at this, I decided to go with BlueApron, because I’ll get the first week free as a gift from someone else. I still had to type in my credit card number, so I will have to act fast to see if I like it or not. Take a look.

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