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31 oct

Do not Fly Spirit Airlines!

**, beer

Not a technology post. But I’m about to hop on a flight by Spirit Airlines. It was incredibly cheap, too cheap to refuse… A flight to Vegas, and probably the cheapest domestic flight round trip I have ever seen. But … Continue reading

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30 oct

ObamaCare Vanishes from Website

***, Browsers, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Government, Hacking, Internet, News

In some ways, it is entirely too funny to see all the criticism of the website taking place. First, it was the load balancing issues, still an issue. Second, is the validity of the data being saved in the … Continue reading

29 oct

Exercise While Working – Treadmill Stand Setup

***, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Office

The new thing these days is people standing up while working. Take any cashiers job, where you have to be on your feet mostly all day, and you begin to build some endurance. For all those out there in computer-lala … Continue reading

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25 oct

Key-Smart – Kickerstarter Backed Project Received

**, Companies, DIY, Entrepreneurship, Hardware

I finally got my Kickstarter backed project, Key-Smart, in the mail today. It was a little bit of a surprise as I wasn’t expecting it. The point of this whole key-smart thing is to put all your keys into a … Continue reading

22 oct

Network Solutions – Down Again!

*, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Internet

In two months, Network Solutions has gone down twice due to DOS attacks. Knocking down several websites. If you use them, switch off… You have many other choices out there. Using Network Solutions and for your DNS hosting is … Continue reading

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21 oct

Book Claims Al Gore Got Tipsy, Almost Bought Twitter

*, beer, Entertainment, News, Twitter

lol, Al Core invented and has done everything!

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18 oct

Explaining CakePHP – Overall Whiteboard View

***, Architecture, CakePHP, Databases, Design, Internet, Linux, Office

I was explaining and teaching someone CakePHP the other day. Naturally, a whiteboard gets used to share the overall view of the system. The specific version was CakePHP 1.2. And since I did this work, I thought I should share … Continue reading

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18 oct

Google Stock Rises 13%, Over $1000, 833% Since IPO

***, Apple, Google, History, Internet, Microsoft, News, Stock

Google is seriously taking care of business! Now up over $1000 per share, I would wonder that many would think it’s over due for a split. With a percent earnings of about 30, it’s pretty regular that the hike and … Continue reading

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16 oct

Windows 8.1 To be Released Tomorrow!

*, 3D Graphics, Browsers, Internet, Microsoft, News, Windows

Will the Start Menu ever disappear? Here it will be coming back with Windows 8.1. I am convinced that Microsoft changes them so drastically just so that you have to change back, maybe you get confused, lose your serial number … Continue reading

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12 oct

There Came an Echo – Video Game

***, 3D Graphics, Entertainment, Games, Media, Photoshop, Programming

There Came an Echo is one of my favorite new Kickstarter projects. The real reason, because one of my favorite artists, Ronald Jenkees is creating the sound track with someone who I am going to investigate much further: Big Giant … Continue reading

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