How has the Web changed the World?

A proposed news-letter that I wrote for one of my most recent contracts.

How has the Web changed the World?

SourceAmerica has gone through so many changes over the past two years. Between launching a completely new revamped Public Website at, a completely brand new Online Training Catalog, and offering so many widely accessible applications, such as new versions of our Front Office Application, FOA (with more to come), dedicating its resources to accessibility for all users, getting ready for Mobile integration while continually maintaining accessibility, and even inventing our new online Board Nomination system. The web has been the integral and latest evolution of technology to take our organization to where we compete and offer the best services of all the others.

With our strategic based mission, our goal and purpose is real! You know what it is and what it is we stand for. All of us are here to help those with significant disabilities. And we will be the ones looking forward, to greater help the community, to best analyze the new technologies, and to grow our workforce that simply has one goal, positive growth for all!

With all these changes, it’s very apparent where every single person spends most of their day, the Internet. How has the Web changed the World? Drastically!

15 years ago Sergey Brin and Larry Page began crawling this vastly space of interconnected computers called the “internet” in an effort to index and provide a valuable service of searching. How do you find things today, Google! Before Google, the web was discovered via portals, typically provided to you by your Internet Service Provider, maybe that provider was AOL.

Today, we see how the web has changed our lives. We are able to persist data on the internet and retain it, rather than it get lost. Wikipedia is the greatest example of how collaborative experience can build a vast wealth of knowledge. We are able to search it, navigate through new space and then interact with it. Online Learning has been the newest and most efficient way of communicating and relaying information and structure. And Source America has jumped the trend to tackle the growth in online education.

With new technologies, such as HTML5, direct video and audio communication via a web browser, we see the web (internet) as the place where our services will continue to grow. Traveling to training classes will become less and less, while the ability to access material through various forms of accessible web content will continue to grow the web world as we know it. Our classes will be visual and audio based through our computers. Classrooms and knowledge workspaces will grow with expanding and extremely fast interaction experiences with new socket connections becoming available, which even bypass the internet, allowing direct person to person interaction. The new technologies will allow direct communications between peers, all using third party browsers, given by an HTML5 standard, with the added benefits we are already utilizing in the web world. It is Wild!

The web is evolving our world. We are a living experience of how the web has enhanced those that are disabled. Connecting people, information, and resources is our goal. And the internet has done nothing except allow accessible information to the masses. Similar to how music was printed on paper in the 1800’s, we have now found an even more evolved way of communication and sharing of all information, to better all people in the life we live.

Plenty more to be served by the web,
Phillihp Harmon
Senior Consultant, SourceAmerica, Inc

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